VueMax Free Admin Template

VueMax - Free Admin Dashboard Template

Built over Vuetify | Vue.js And Material Design

VueMax is a most modern Responsive Admin Dashboard template using Vue.js, Material Design (Vuetify), HTML5 & CSS3 designed for website developers and IT companies. This template is compatible for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Devices. This admin theme is made using Vuetify framework, A Material Design Component Framework for VueJs. It helps you to get started developing dashboards in no time. Using the Dashboard is pretty simple but requires basic knowledge of Javascript, Vue, Vue-Router, Material Design Concepts and Vuetify.

VueMax free vuejs material design admin template

Build Incredible User Interfaces

  • 80+ Material Design Components
  • Transition Components
  • Blazing Fast
  • Dynamic Themes
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VueMax free vuejs material design admin template ipad mockup

Components Available in VueMax

  • Alerts
  • Avatars
  • Badges
  • Bottom Navigation
  • Bottom sheets
  • Breadcrumbss
  • Buttons
  • Cards
  • Carousels
  • Chips
  • Data iterators
  • Data Tables
  • Dialogs
  • Dividers
  • Expansion Panels
  • Footers
  • Selects
  • Text Fields
  • Selection Controls
  • Icons
  • Lists
  • Jumbotrons
  • Menus
  • Navigation Drawers
  • Paginations
  • Parallax
  • Date Pickers
  • Time Pickers
  • Progress
  • Sliders
  • Snackbars
  • Steppers
  • Subheaders
  • Tabs
  • Toolbars
  • Tooltips

How to use the Template

To run this project you need NPM, Node.js & Webpack to be installed in your system.

  • Download & Extact the template
  • Open command prompt & locate your project directory
  • Install the dependencies using npm install command
  • Run npm run dev command to run your application in development mode
  • Now your application will be available in http://localhost:8080
  • Run npm run build to build your application for production
  • build files will be available in dist folder

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